Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland is a very clean and pure feeling country with its gorgeous mountains and countryside. It reminded me of New Zealand. I wish I spent one more day and/or had better weather to see it better. But the country is so expensive, I had to get out.

WEATHER: 2/5 stars
Chilly and rained everyday.

I flew in from NYC and was a bit disappointed by the lack of English signs. I was able to get a train into the city and from there, I walked.

LODGING: 4/5 stars
Hostel Biber. This hosel was not only very expensive (cheapest I could find though) but it was ghetto. The common room was tiny and thats the only place the wifi worked, if it was working. They didnt give you sheets. No free breakfast. The staff didnt know about transit suggestions. The only thing it had going for it was location. It was right near everything.

Youth Hostel. This hostel was more expensive than the last and about 3 miles from the city center. I walked there because I didnt have franks for transit, and it was not flat either. The hostel makes you pay the YHA daily fee if you arent a member. Again, wifi only in the lobby, which was at least big. They had a good free breakfast that didnt get to take full advantage of because I left at 6:15am and walked 3 miles in the rain to the bus station.
*I changed hostels based on cheapest rates for that day (weekends rates go up)

Zurich: Seems like a nice cool town to explore. I was so tired from not sleeping well the entire time in NYC because of the time difference and didnt sleep on my overnight flight so I was exhausted. Also, I spent about half a day just trying to figure out my plans because I didnt have wifi to make it easy.

MT TITLIS TOUR: I booked this tour because I only had one more day in Zurich and I’ll always choose nature over city. It was raining and foggy but it was my last day. We stopped in Lucerne and saw the lion statue and the famous bridge. Its a touristy town, again, with lots of shopping. Then we went up to the mountain. Mt Titlis got its name from the Romans because the top looks like a woman’s tit. I couldnt see that because it was so foggy, all I saw at the top was white. It was snowing and most other people seem to have never seen snow so that was exciting for them. I did the ice flyer which a ski lift but again, couldnt see anything. The mountain is about 10,000 feet which makes it technically the alps. The coolest thing was the glacier palace. They carved a tunnel through the glacier and had ice sculptures inside. The cliff walk might have been cooler if I could actually see.
The drive took us through 8 of Switzerland’s 26 states. The countryside if very pretty. I saw lots of waterfalls since it was raining and the rolling green hills are so gorgeous.

BUDGET: April 30 – May 3
Lodging: $103
Transportation: $10
Tour: $177
Food: $7

TOTAL: $297