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Malawi – African Trails

Kande Beach. I spent most of my time sick with Malaria BUDGET: Sept 12 – 15 FOOD: $22 ACTIVITY: $10 GEAR: $5 TOUR: $80 TOTAL: $117

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Dali, China

Dali, China Ancient town in the Yunnan providence next to a giant lake between two mountain ranges. Very pretty village and location. WEATHER – 4/5 stars Compared to the warm weather of Kunming, it was a bit chilly. It was partly cloudy but still nice enough to want to walk around the town. TRANSPORTATION –…

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Guilin/Dazhai, China

Guilin/Dazhia, China The rice terraces are one of the most beautiful places I have ever been! I took a bus from Yangshou to Guilin (about two hours). Guilin is the bigger city version of Yangshou, not as pretty. I then took another bus to Dazhia village (about 3 hours) and hiked 40 minutes to another…

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