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Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia, Turkey We loved Cappadocia! We stayed in a cave hotel that had the traditional Turkish breakfast of cucumber, tomato and cheese. We did the amazing hot air balloon ride, we toured the underground city, hiked through the terrain and made friends with a couple of stray dogs. The only downside for me was trying…

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Zurich/Luzern/Mt Titlis, Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland Switzerland is a very clean and pure feeling country with its gorgeous mountains and countryside. It reminded me of New Zealand. I wish I spent one more day and/or had better weather to see it better. But the country is so expensive, I had to get out. WEATHER: 2/5 stars Chilly and rained…

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Juizhaigou National Park, China

Juizhaigou National Park, China Quickly wrote this, still needs some tweaks Juizhaigou is like China’s Yellow Stone with gorgeous multicolored lakes and pretty waterfalls. This was my first real chinese tour, saved by 3 guys who spoke English! Also, I was in an earthquake and also had the worst experience of my life! WEATHER –…

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