So I only plan to bring one bag (60L) for the entire year. Here is what I have packed:

CLOTHES: almost everything is quick dry for drying overnight & repacking the morning
swim suit – shorts, shirt, bikini top
3 tanktops
2 shirts
2 soccer shorts
sarong – for towel, dress, scarf, beach, sheet
scarf w/snaps – infinity scarf – thicker – for cardigan, scarf
2 pants – 1 is convertible to shorts
black sweatpants
purple underarmour
2 long sleeve zip-ups
1 long sleeve – lighter
black puffy vest
black windbreaker/rain jacket
6 pairs of socks – two wool smart
8 pairs of underwear
3 sports bras
1 push up bra – take out padding, have secret pockets
hiking sandals – also my water shoes
sneakers – nike frees – light & bendable for packing – with arch supports

FIRST HALF – I’ll be in warm and colder weather
2 pairs of tights – for warmth
north face fleece jacket
winter jacket – getting in china

SECOND HALF – mainly warm weather
sun hat
extra tank top
extra shorts
sleeping mat
sleeping bag
mosquito net – getting in Africa

180 malaria pills
1 pack steroids – for bad allergic reaction
20 zyrtec allergy pills
1 epipen
1 dose cold/flu
1 dose Tylenol
2 bandaids
5 blister bandaids
1 moleskin
4 alcohol swabs
neosporin – actually a knock off version
2 inhalers
Vaseline – blisters and lip balm
bug spray – 100% deet
sunblock – waterproof 30SPF
2 bottles of purell
steripen w/batteries – uv light disinfection thing
water tablets
cipro – antibiotics
ambien – sleeping pills for jet lag from all the time zone changes
breathing mask – for polluted areas in asia

tooth brush w/steripod
tooth paste/floss
2 packs tissues – in thin packs
moon cup – since there will be a lack of bathrooms/toilets – this helps girls pee like boys :)
diva cup – google it if you dont know, Ive heard good things
tampons – just few for when I hate the divacup
shaver with binder clip cover – once sliced my finger reaching in my bag… never again!
shaver replacement
small sewing kit
bobby pins
small add water and grow towel – had it so I packed it
soap sheets – laundry in the sink
2 bottles of generic soap – biodegradable – washes clothes, body, hair, items
detangle spray – my hair is curly and easily gets knotted
q tips
nail clippers
think hair tie with zipper – just in case I want to run with cash or something
extra hair ties
belly button ring
sink stopper – for washing clothes in sink
braided laundry bungee cord

small flex tripod – allows me to mount or angle my camera
waterproof nikon coolpix camera/charger/float wristlet (dont need USB – laptop port)
4 batteries/3 32 GB card readers
3 USB flash drives – backup/transfer data
iphone/charger – no carrier but can use wifi
universal adapter
watch – dual timezone, alarm
laptop/charger – 11.6”, 3lbs, touch screen

sharpie w/duct tape wrapped around
blue/black pen
passport photos – need to get more
color copies of passport
credit cards/debit cards
planner calendar – help keep track of daily budget, confirmations of bookings
places to go/translations – mainly for china
currency exchange rates
2 pencils
notebook – just for notes, directions, etc
business cards – who knows

water bottle w/filter
pillow case – handdrawn design from my boyfriend ;)
moisture absorbent packs – throughout my bag to prevent mold/smell
quick dry travel towel
bag rain guard
2 headbands – i cut my hair shorter and the fly aways are ridic
extra zip lock bags
sunglasses (lost and had to buy new within 3 weeks)
wallet with clip
coin purse
sun hat

money belt – though secret pockets have been sewn into most of my clothing
door stopper – if i happen to have a private room, safety precaution as a lock
1 pad locks – one for bag or for locker
rubber bands/small binder clips/safety pins/carabiner
compass – how i will get around
headlamp – hands free flashlight!
extra cloth bag – for dirty laundry
dryer sheets – make my bag smell nice and keep mosquitos away
whistle – its really small so why not
day bag – rolls up to go in main bag when not using – thanks Mango’s!
silk sheet – keep bed bugs away, warm, clean
eye mask/ear plugs – noisy, bright hostels/planes
inflatable neck pillow – plane
collapsible container – for keeping food, making ramon
flavor tablets for water – electrolytes – probably will get bored with plain water

Thank to everyone who made suggestions or gave me things to use for my trip!

*photo is old, didnt have time to retake another