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I am a 26 year old designer/animator living in Brooklyn, New York. I love to try new things, be active outdoors and travel the world. The idea behind this site and using the Why Wait For Someday URL is based on my philosophy that you only get one life to live, hopefully 90 years if you’re lucky, so why wait to do the things you love. There will always be ways to make more money but very few opportunities and windows in your life where you will get to see the world, experience other cultures or achieve your dreams.

About 10 years ago, I was sitting listening to a man who had a near death experience tell his story. He challenged everyone in the audience to write down 100 things they wish they could do/achieve before they die. This is a challenge because while we all think there are many things we would like to do/achieve, so many that we might not get to them all, the truth is, there are truly maybe 20-30. 20-30 things seem much more achievable. In fact, the second part of the challenge was to start achieving/doing those items, what are you waiting for? Some obviously took time like graduating summa cum laude with dual degrees and some will come later in my life like having a family and a house but most are just a matter of actually doing them.

I have gone sky diving, extreme hang gliding, traveled to 5 continents, did a cage shark dive, rode an elephant, zip lined through waterfalls, moved to and now lived in NYC for almost 5 years, gone white water rafting and the list is constantly now being checked off and added to.

I’ve heard the places of the world described as pages in a book. If you don’t travel, you are only reading one page and missing out on so many interesting characters and stories. Traveling is one aspect of what I love to do but another is described as a little more adventurous. I believe that to truly challenge yourself, to grow as a person and even surprise yourself, you have to go in the direction of your fear. This advice has always pushed my career forward and my adventurous spirit. I can’t wait to test my fears when I do a bungee jump or gorge swing. Or test my will and endurance when I climb a mountain.

So this site is housing my adventures. I hope to keep adding to it, both upcoming trips and going back and adding my past trips. Cheers!

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