Rio de Janerio, Brazil

Flew all the way across the atlantic to be in Brazil for the start of the world cup. I met some of my family in Rio and we rented an apt for 10 days in Copacabana… where the fanfest was. It was a great time! So many Argentina and Chile fans, the USA made it through the first round and I got to do some sight seeing.

WEATHER: 4/5 stars!
It really only rained one day. It would be somewhat cloudy though in the mornings, mainly at the tops of the mountains. It was actually cloudy for both excursions but cleared enough to eventually see.

The apt was only a few blocks from the beach and all the action. Having the kitchen really helped save us money and was nice that some friends also had an apt in the same building.


Big Jesus



BUDGET: June 10 – 20, 2014
Lodging: $454
Transportation: $93
Food: $134
Tours: $51
Misc: $11 (bought a sarong and needed medicine)

TOTAL: $743