MUST SEE – Australia Overall

Mainly everything I loved was nature related and therefore runs the risk of being destroyed or damaged. Realistically, it wont last forever.

Ok so I traveled through Australia for 21 days (3 weeks). I visited Sydney for the new year, Port Douglas, Melbourne and the great ocean road drive.

Australia is a very beautiful and diverse country. It reminds me a lot of the US, like we could be siblings. Similar food is served at restaurants, music is almost the same, English is spoken (though sometimes hard to understand accent) and overall amenities and lifestyles are the same.

I saw the big cities, the rain forest, the great barrier reef, tons of beaches, farm lands and even some small old gold rush towns. For traveling to Australia I would say it is also similar to the US in that you want to really just hug the coast for cool stuff to see, the middle farmlands and boring, long drives.

Seeing animals in the wild that you normally would only ever see in a zoo or aquarium is amazing. I saw tropical fish, sharks, cassowary, emus, kangaroos, koalas and numerous birds.

I learned tons of new phrases and words for things.
Trolley = shopping cart
Car Park = parking lot
Cheers! = thank you
Good on you = good for you
Mate = buddy/friend
No Worries = you’re welcome
Ta = thanks
chips = fries
lollies = candy
heaps = lots
brollie = umbrella
bluster/southerlies = winds

Other things like driving/walking on the left, being asked saving, checking or credit when buying something with a card and credit you’re asked for a pin and interesting says that i cant remember but they relate to animals in Australia.

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